Get to know our team!

Get to know our team!
If you've visited our New York store, you might have seen a long line of customers patiently waiting. Usually, it's because our customers have lots of questions (never because we're slow 😊!). The question we're asked the most is, "which is YOUR favorite flavor?". No one knows halva like our team, so, we created a Team Favorites bundle. This also gives me a nice excuse to introduce you to the most wonderful team a founder could ever ask for 💛🙏. We hope you get to stop by our store soon, but in the meantime, you can always order online!

Get to know our new Team Favorites Halva Box & 

the Team Members who picked them!

JANINKA - 70% Dark Chocolate
Marketing - 5.5 years
After 5.5 years at Seed + Mill, I still can't get enough of this classic chocolate flavor! My favorite way to eat it is over yogurt with granola, although it usually doesn't even make it into the bowl... 😉

MATTHEW - Marzipan
Sales - Since 9 am on Jan 18th, 2016 (opening day!) - getting close to 6 years!
Oh, I love Marzipan! It reminds me of my grandmother. She always had Marzipan for me when I went over to her house in Brooklyn on the weekends.

RASHEL - Coffee
Shipping - 3 years
Coffee is the most unique and has the boldest flavor, it stands out in the best way.

EVELINA - Cinnamon
Team Assistant / Wearer of 1,000 hats - 3 months
If given the option, I will choose anything cinnamon flavored (cinnamon bun, cinnamon toast, churro, etc), so this is an obvious favorite for me! It reminds me of a grown-up version of my favorite cereal (but better).

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