Halva Fruit Board

Halva Fruit Board

For us, Thanksgiving is all about connecting with family and friends over a warm and cosy meal, around an inviting table. The early start allows us to slow down a bit and enjoy long lingering conversations, preferably over a shared halva dessert board!  There are no rules here, just go for the flavors you love. What we especially like about this board is the combination of sweet and savory elements!  

½ lb Halva (we chose Pistachio, but all flavors work!)
Selection of fruit (we used grapes, clementines, pear slices, pomegranate and gooseberries, but any kind of fresh or dried fruit will work!)d
Chocolate chunks (we used the tahini truffles we made with Daydream Dessert)
Slices of fruit bread
Small pot of Seed + Mill Organic Tahini for dipping the bread and fruit slices

1. Watch our short assembly video here!

Photo courtesy of Noreen Wasti


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Halva fruit board

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