Halva Sharing Box


  • Tell someone to halva great day with our classic halva gift set, including five pieces of our most popular halva flavors in slices perfect for sharing. This gift box contains:

    0.5lb 70% Dark Chocolate Halva
    0.25lb Coconut Halva
    0.5lb Pistachio Halva
    0.25lb Rose Oil Halva
    0.25lb Sesame Halva

    Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use halva in your kitchen.

    From time to time, we run out of stock of certain flavors. If this happens, we will substitute that flavor with the closest possible flavor available.

  • 70% DARK CHOCOLATE HALVA: Sesame paste, sugar, glucose, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), saponaria extract
    COCONUT HALVA: Sesame paste, sugar, glucose, toasted coconut (coconut, sugar, salt), saponaria extract
    PISTACHIO HALVA: Sesame paste, sugar, glucose, pistachios, saponaria extract
    ROSE OIL HALVA: Sesame paste, sugar, glucose, rose, saponaria extract, rose extract (rose, ethyl alcohol propylene glycol, triacetin). Topping: rose petals
    SESAME HALVA: Sesame paste, sugar, glucose, saponaria extract

    While our halva is made in a certified kosher facility, our Chelsea Market store does not have its own independent kosher certification. This means the halva slices that are individually wrapped to order (0.25lb, 0.5lb, etc.) are not marked kosher. 

  • Enjoy halva by the slice, crumble it over ice cream or granola, make a sweet panini with it… there are so many ways to enjoy this treat! 

    Our halva is made in small batches by hand, so the texture of each piece is unique and may appear slightly different from what is shown in our photos (e.g. the spread of nuts or chocolate is not always evenly distributed in each piece).

    The halva pieces are individually wrapped and labelled in biodegradable paper. We only use natural ingredients in our halva, so you might notice some oil separation.

    Halva lasts for 4-6 months when stored in a cool, dry place, but we hope you eat it all before then! You can leave it wrapped in the paper packaging, or transfer to an airtight container. We don't recommend freezing halva, as it will damage the delicate, flaky texture. 

    Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use halva in your kitchen.

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