Packed with superfood ingredients, these naturally sweetened bliss balls are the perfect snack to share with your friends! We are very proud to collaborate on this recipe with two other incredible woman founded and managed businesses - Dope Naturally and Just Date Syrup

Tahini Bliss Balls

2 tbs Organic Tahini
1 c dried dark cherries (or dates if preferred)
1/2 c hazelnuts 
2 tbs date syrup (we love to use another women owned brand, Just Date Syrup
2 tbs chia seeds (or substitute with flax seeds if preferred) 
2 tbs coconut butter 
2 tbs cacao powder
4 tbs coconut flakes 
2 tbs natural beet powder (we love to use the Beet Bliss superfood blend by the superwoman who founded Dope Naturally)


1. Soak cherries in boiling water for 5 min to soften, then drain water
2. Combine all ingredients (except beet powder and coconut flakes) in a food processor until a smooth dough forms 
3. Form small balls from the dough and place on baking parchment or plate 
4. Dust balls in coconut flakes and Beet Bliss powder 

Makes approx. 12 balls (depending on preferred size). These are even more delicious if kept in the freezer and eaten cold. They will last up to a month in the freezer!