"Open sesame. Sweet, flaky, nutty halva in three flavors: pistachio, toasted sesame, and dark chocolate."
The Under-$100 Gift Guide
goop - October 27, 2023
"Indulge in chocolate-tahini dough with sour cherry jam & pistachio halva frangipane thanks to Seed + Mill’s HalvaTaschen collab with Sifted. "
15 Best Hamantaschen Across NYC
Secret NYC - March 06, 2023
"You’ll want to get your hands on these limited-edition HalvaTaschen featuring a chocolate-tahini dough with a delicious cherry jam and pistachio-halva filling"
Celebrate Purim With Fun And Inventive Hamantaschen Variations
Forbes - March 03, 2023
"Seed + Mill’s vegan soft serve is amazing. They carry a dessert from Israel, halva, so it’s a halva, tahini drizzle, vegan soft serve sundae and it is awesome awesome! It’s truly amazing. "
Episode 580: Soft Serve with John Tsung
Spilled Milk - February 14, 2023
""Halva makes a compelling, not-too-sweet filling for chocolate""
The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Every Type of Lover
Bloomberg - February 07, 2023
"The large blocks cover Seed & Mill’s vanilla-sesame halvah and a layer of chocolate ganache in thick, dark chocolate."
Dips and Sweet Delights for Hanukkah
The New York Times - December 05, 2022
"This naturally vegan treat made from sesame seeds and sugar will instantly brighten your day. The texture starts out flaky but then melts in your mouth to disperse a taste of wonderfully sweet nuttiness."
These 14 Vegan Christmas Treats Ship Nationwide
VegNews - December 02, 2022
"This trio of Seed + Mill’s famous halva will delight anyone with an adventurous sweet tooth. It features three half-pound blocks of the brand’s bestselling halva flavors (Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, Pistachio and Toasted Coconut Chocolate). For the unacquainted, halva is a popular Middle Eastern treat that’s made up of sesame paste mixed with hot sugar syrup to form a dense, fudge-like confection."
30 Gift Baskets That Are Sure To Impress Everyone On Your List
Forbes - September 15, 2022
"Seed + Mill should be the first stop for Chelsea Market visitors looking for an irresistible treat."
13 Swirly Soft Serves in NYC
Eater - June 30, 2022
"“I always say that Tahini is like the ketchup of the Middle East,” says Rachel Simons, the Australian-born CEO and Co-Founder of Seed + Mill, an NYC-based purveyor specializing in tahini, halva, and other sesame-related goods. “Just like you find ketchup in everyone’s pantry here, you find tahini there.”"
The Magic of Sesame: Meet the Founders of Seed + Mill
Eleven Madison Home - May 20, 2022
"After opening a small kiosk in New York’s Chelsea Market in 2016, it became the first store in the U.S. dedicated to sesame products. The company also partners with small purveyors to create delicious, flavorful products you’ve never had before."
50 Small Grocery Brands You Might Not Have Heard of, but Should Definitely Try in 2022
The Kitchn - January 08, 2022
"Founded by three women, Seed + Mill operates out of New York City’s iconic Chelsea Market as the first US shop dedicated to sesame products. This company makes a rich, sweet, perfect halva, a sweet sesame confection. The three-pack sampler will introduce your favorite co-worker to the company’s best-selling flavors: Pistachio, Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, and Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt (all are vegan, gluten-free, kosher-certified, and made with high-quality Ethiopian sesame seeds)."
The 32 Best Gifts for Coworkers
The New York Times - December 15, 2021
"Simons, Mendelson, and Molenaar also love to experiment with how they play around with recipes. Drawing inspiration from Yotam Ottolenghi, a popular Israeli chef, they’ve used both items as ingredients when creating his Halva and Tahini Swirled Brownies. They’re great for spicing up traditional favorites — try adding chunks of halva into chocolate chip cookies or your next batches of blondies. For a savory iteration, Simons loves making west~bourne’s recipe for jalapeño tahini sauce to pair with veggies, on top of a salad, or to drizzle over your choice of protein."
rē•Spinning Tradition: How Seed and Mill Put a Twist on Halva and Tahini
re.spin - August 05, 2021
"This New York company crafts sesame seed-based foods like tahini (a nutty spread made of pressed, roasted sesame seeds) and halva (a Middle Eastern sweet made by combining tahini with sugar or honey). They use Ethiopian sesame seeds, widely considered the best in the world. You can order Seed + Mill’s condiments and sweets online, but if you want their vegan salted tahini caramel soft serve (trust me, you do) you will have to visit them at their Chelsea Market store. "
Check Out These 8 Companies Selling Israeli Condiments in the U.S.
The Nosher - October 19, 2021
"Another specific ingredient I cannot live without is Seed And Mill’s tahini. Their product is superior to many others because of the quality of sesame seeds they use, and its freshness. You can even pop into their Manhattan store and get some freshly ground. "
Shannon Sarna Refers to Herself As A Pizza Bagel
Food52 - August 23, 2021
" All year, we’ve been compiling the best gifts, from tried-and-true Wirecutter picks to staff favorites, and now we’ve put together the 200 most popular items from 2020 in one easily scrollable guide."
The Most Popular Gifts of the Year* So Far
The New York Times - December 18, 2020
"Sure, you could make your own halva to package up as holiday gifts, but maybe you don’t have a candy thermometer or are busy homeschooling your children or whatever—your reasons are your own! Thankfully, Seed + Mill, which produces some of BA senior food editor Andy Baraghani’s favorite tahini, has you covered with this gift set featuring 8-ounce cartons of flaky pistachio, raspberry, and sea salt dark chocolate halva."
Gifts Under $35 for Your Neighbor, Your Mailman, and the Urban Homesteader in Your Life
Bon Appétit - November 17, 2020
"Rose oil, chopped Turkish pistachios, raspberries and ground coffee beans are just a few of the flavors that are hand-stirred through tahini and sugar to create Seed + Mill's fluffy but crumbly halva cakes."
Travel The World Through These Foods And Drinks
Forbes - May 05, 2020
"This artisanal food brand operates out of New York City and is run by just three employees. Owned by Rachel Simons, the brand started as a concept store in New York City's Chelsea Market before expanding. "
Jill Martin shares how you can support small businesses and save
Today - May 07, 2020
"There is a wide world of pantry items from global regional food cultures that you can use to add acidic brightness (think sumac), heat (a dab of yuzu kosho), and umami (a dash of fish sauce) to your dishes — just like your favorite restaurants do. Sometimes it just takes adding a couple of items to your pantry."
Stock Your Pantry With Ingredients from Around the World, Care of These Online Shops
Eater - May 05, 2020
"Want candy that’s good for you? Consider halva. Made primarily from sesame seeds, the confection is an excellent source of minerals. (A cup of sesame seeds has more iron than a cup of broccoli.) There’s too much sugar to make it guilt-free, but that didn’t keep beauty maven Bobbi Brown from recently calling sesame-­derived foods “a moisturizer for your insides.” That’s all very nice, but it is not the reason I have become addicted to Seed + Mill halva."
Sesame Seed Halva Is the Candy You Didn't Know You Were Missing
Town & Country - April 09, 2020
"If you’re purchasing a jar to make these Tahini Billionaire Bars or another baking project, seek out a brand that requires minimal or no stirring—like Seed+ Mill"
How to Buy the Best Tahini For the Job
basically - March 24, 2020
"It’s crazy how something so simple can be so good. This delicious tahini is made with just one ingredient: roasted sesame seeds. Use it as a dip, a spread, a dressing or add it to a batch of cookies or brownies. It’s packed with flavor, plus important vitamins and minerals."
Curated: Bobbi's Favorite Food Hacks
justBOBBI - January 27, 2020
"This one comes straight from our sister site the Strategist. While it’s much too late to order this sweetened sesame dessert online, you can pop right over to Chelsea Market today (by 3 p.m., please!) and grab what they describe as “six whole pounds of the nutty, rosy” deliciousness."
10 Last-minute Food Gifts You Can Buy Right Now
Grubstreet - December 24, 2019
"The ladies of NYC’s Seed + Mill, Lisa Mendelson, Monica Molenaar and Rachel Simonsare are turning the simple goodness of tahini into a category all it’s own. In fact, grinding fresh tahini at their store in Chelsea Market, they are the only store in the U.S. solely dedicated to sesame seed products."
Tahini Everything: Meet The Women Behind NYC's Seed + Mill
The Chalkboard - December 02, 2019
"Rose Oil Halva: Six whole pounds of the nutty, rosy dessert."
60 Surprising, Delightful, and Weird Holiday Gifts Under $200
New York Magazine - November 26, 2019
"Craft halvahs have been gaining ground for a few years, and the definition of halvah — the ground sesame-seed confection from the Middle East, — has expanded to include offbeat flavors."
A Whole New World for Halvah
The New York Times - September 09, 2019
"Seed + Mill Tahini + Cabbage = The starting point for a tahini-cabbage slaw—now add scallions, cilantro, olive oil, lime, and salt."
These High-Low Combos Will Be Your Backyard Party’s Secret Weapons
Sunset - July 01, 2019
"Page URL Post Image (Image credit: Design: Kitchn; Photo: Scott Matthews) Welcome to Kitchn’s series Kitchn Crush, where we highlight some of the coolest, most inspiring people in food you need to know about right now. If you listen to the three co-founders of Seed + Mill (Rachel Simons, Lisa Mendelson, and Monica Molenaar) wax poetic about tahini, even just for a minute, I guarantee that you’re going to spend the rest of the day drizzling the contents of one of their jars of emulsified sesame seed paste over every single thing you eat that day. "
This Middle Eastern Condiment Needs to Be in Every Pantry. Here’s Why.
The Kitchn - May 24, 2019
"Tahini is a staple ingredient in every Mediterranean or Middle Eastern kitchen pantry and used in a far more versatile (ie sweet and savory) way. We want to introduce these global flavors to American kitchens, restaurants and foodies and transform tahini from an exotic hard to find ingredient to something used on an every day basis. "
Small Business Profile: Rachel Simons, Owner of Seed + Mill - New York
the glossary - April 22, 2019
"The tahini sauce is perfect with any combination of roasted seasonal vegetables you like. We eat with our eyes, so the more color, the better."
Mixed Roasted Vegetables with Tahini Sauce Recipe
The Nosher - April 10, 2019
"I developed a no-butter, all-tahini take, inspired by the halva haven Seed and Mill."
The ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That?’ Trick for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
Food52 - January 10, 2019
"Tahini is one of my favorite ingredients to include in recipes, and this is by far and away my favorite one. They grind the sesame seeds here in New York and they make the most luscious tahini that I like to spread on sourdough toast or blend with some lemon juice, ice water (an Israeli secret), and sea salt for the perfect simple salad dressing."
This Delicious Vegan Bodega Just Opened in the West Village—Here's What to Try First
Vogue - October 01, 2018
"The best sesame is said to come from Humera in Ethiopia, and many small batch tahini producers source seeds from there. Seek out the best, most freshly-milled tahini you can find."
Stock Your Pantry with These 10 Essential Israeli Items
Sauveur - May 24, 2018
"Rub this sesame-seed paste onto meats before cooking to add a nutty flavor, or stir a dollop into salad dressing to create a creamy texture without dairy."
These 10 ingredients will make you a better cook
New York Post - May 15, 2018
"Halvah, made out of sesame paste, is a fudge-like treat that traces its origins to many Middle Eastern cultures; it landed stateside with Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century. Right now, Seed + Mill is slaying the game with its sea salt and dark chocolate rendition."
Beyond Bagels: Your Guide to the Iconic Jewish Food of NYC
PureWow - May 02, 2018
"Rhubarb frangipane tart for Sunday brunch! Decided to experiment with the frangipane filling recipe and replaced the butter with tahini so it would be dairy free. Worked perfectly and turned this treat into something delicious and packed with protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and minerals!"
Rhubarb Frangipane Tart
The Feedfeed - March 30, 2018
"Best ice cream: Seed + Mill"
Where to Eat and Drink Near the High Line
thrillist - January 02, 2018
"For me, halva was something I ate on a weekly basis. I would wake up in the morning, have some toast, and crumble halva over my toast, which is so delicious."
Halva 101: modern twists on a traditional treat
The Splendid Table - October 14, 2017
"At Seed & Mill, which creates some of the world’s most delicious tahini, you get an incredibly rich ice cream with faintly nutty undertones. Top it off with mixed halvah crumbles, just-milled tahini, sliced almonds or chocolate shavings."
7 Insane Ice Cream Flavors With Deliciously Hebrew DNA
Forward - September 01, 2017
"Watch time out visit their favorite stops at Chelsea Market! "
Chelsea Market Food You Have to Try Now
Time Out New York - August 14, 2017
"Style expert Chassie Post is on the TODAY plaza with an array of goodies and gadgets for food lovers, including honey infused with hot spices, Island Creek oysters, handmade ice cream and an ingenious butter mill. “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever had!” Savannah Guthrie exclaims."
Spice-infused honey, butter mill and other fun products for foodies
Today - August 11, 2017
"“We like to say halva is the new kale,” says Seed + Mill co-owner Rachel Simons, citing its cultural ascendance and health benefits. While sesame seeds are not as nutritionally robust as leafy greens, they contain protein, iron and significant amounts of copper. Halva is a gluten- and dairy-free dessert."
The best new dessert is 3,000 years old
USA Today - April 21, 2017
"Look for tahini that is smooth and pourable, with little separation. It should taste mild and nutty out of the jar; not sour or burnt. Three brands we love: SEED + MILL A buttery, velvety mouthfeel, slight tang, and clean finish. Treat like a finishing oil and enjoy on its own."
7 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Tahini—Our New Favorite Spread
CookingLight - April 15, 2017
"Has black tahini ousted the small-batch, just-ground jars I buy from New York’s Seed and Mill? No. But now that I know my son will eat whatever it touches, I might have to order that giant tub."
Black Tahini Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, Which Is Delicious
Bon Appétit - March 01, 2017
"Think of these cream-colored versions, which have a looser, smoothie-like texture, like you would extra-virgin olive oils—they're best used in preparations where their pure flavor can shine through and won't be overpowered by stronger ingredients. They're great whisked into classics like hummus, baba ganoush, and halva; as the main component of a sauce for seasoning roasted vegetables, fresh cold salads (like tabbouleh or chopped cucumber, tomato, or bell-pepper based dishes); for topping falafel; or for drizzling on grilled or baked fish."
The Best Tahini You Can Buy—And What to Cook With It
Sauveur - December 27, 2016
"Until recently, quality halva was almost impossible to come by in New York. What could be found was dry, gritty and practically unrecognizable to loyal fans. But thanks to new purveyors and a recent revival in pastry kitchens across the city, things are looking up for the tahini-based confection."
NYC restaurants get creative with halva
AMNY - April 19, 2016
"Seed & Mill is your new go-to for fresh halva, tahini, and sesame ice cream. Their glass case is full of halva—great big blocks of the crumbly, flaky Middle-Eastern sesame candy, dappled here with rose petals and pistachios, cocoa nibs, and cardamom husks."
SPEND: A Spectacular Take on a Beloved Middle-Eastern Sweet
Bloomberg - April 15, 2016
"In February, halvah completed its artisanal arc with the opening of the chic-simple Seed & Mill stall in the bustling Chelsea Market, where tahini is milled on site. Fluffy round cakes of halvah in flavors like rose, lemon, ginger and cardamom are artfully garnished with shiny coffee beans, leaf-green chopped pistachios and curling chocolate shards, the better to be cooed over and Instagrammed all day long."
Sesame Extends Its Sweet Reach Beyond the Middle East
The New York Times - April 13, 2016
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