“A whole new world for halvah”

“Surprising and delightful holiday gifts”

“How to buy the best tahini for the job”

“Small Businesses to support”

“A buttery, velvety mouthfeel, slight tang, and clean finish.”

“NYC’s Seed + Mill have elevated halva to an art form, dotting their halva slabs with tasty oils, nuts, and spices.”

“Tahini is a staple in my kitchen, and the tahini from Seed + Mill in New York is a current favorite. It’s perfectly silky, never dry and chalky, even after sitting in the fridge.”

“Seed + Mill is your new go-to for fresh halva, tahini, and sesame ice cream.”

Our Community Is Saying Nice Things!

“My fiancé and I got engaged on a bench on The High Line, just after a sample snack of the halva we just bought from you. We would love to have your halva at our wedding reception as a nod to that November day.”


“Ever since I went to Israel 2 years ago, and discovered “real” halva (not the prepacked stuff I used to see in the deli as a kid), I had been searching for it here in Boston. Until, I discovered Seed and Mill, and then discovered it in the market by my office! Totally addicted!”


“I have a lot of nostalgia related to halva. My mom used to set it out in little cubes with toothpicks in it for her weekly mah-jongg games. That was ages and ages ago.”


“I LOVE halva and am so happy I found your store. I heard about you in a radio interview on NPR a couple of years ago, and wrote your name down. Here in Michigan, I used to be able to buy halva in Greektown in Detroit, where there were a lot of mom & pop Greek stores that sold big rectangles of halva.”


“I never leave the city without stopping at your Chelsea Market location. Can't wait to see you again.”


“My tahini arrived a couple days ago, and last night, I used some to make a delicious sauce for roasted broccoli. This stuff is fantastic! I am newly addicted.”


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