Open Sesame: Meet Erin Clarkson
October 22, 2020

Open Sesame: Meet Erin Clarkson

Join us in the kitchen with our lovely friend, Erin Clarkson, the New Zealand-born, Brooklyn-based blogger behind Cloudy Kitchen. She’s always impressing us with a new, creative way to incorporate sesame into her recipes… Dark Chocolate, Tahini, and Halva Brioche Babka, anyone?

Get to know Erin, and be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram for easy to follow video tutorials, recipes, beautiful photography... and her cute foster cat videos!

Q: Where have you been quarantining over the past few months?
My husband and I have been staying home in our apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have a small design studio that’s a five minute walk from home, so my husband has been able to go there to work, which we are so grateful for. I've been working from home, with our foster cat Pocket!

Q: What’s one of your recipes that never fails to impress?
My "Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!" They are my absolute favorite.

Q: Which restaurant will be your first stop once life returns to normal?
Four Horsemen in Williamsburg! I love that place so much.

Q: What’s one podcast, television show, or Instagram feed that’s speaking to you right now?
Along with so many other people on the Internet, I have been watching loads of bread being made. My friend Bryan Ford’s (of @artisanbryan) feed is super inspiring, and his book on sourdough, New World Sourdough, just came out!

Q: What’s a kitchen tool that you can’t believe anyone can live without?
A kitchen scale! Absolutely essential.

Q: Are there any foods from back home in New Zealand that you wish Americans would embrace?
Crackers! New Zealand has the best crackers!