Open Sesame: Meet Fany Gerson!
December 05, 2020

Open Sesame: Meet Fany Gerson!

Get to know chef Fany Gerson, founder of La Newyorkina, cookbook author, and doughnut maker extraordinaire. She recently opened her new doughnut shop Fan-Fan Doughnuts in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. While Fany has been in the 'doughnut business' for ten years, she is now using a completely new doughnut recipe and incorporating techniques from making churros and ice cream. Make the trip over to Bed-Stuy! We promise you won't regret it!

Q: What are some of the tunes in your kitchen playlist?
I love a Mexican artist called Natalia Lafourcade. She always makes me smile.

Q: What’s the last thing you ate that brought you joy?
Thanksgiving meal we prepared from La Newyorkina.

Q: What's an ingredient that you love that you think people underestimate?

Q: Who are your culinary heroes?
They are all the people that are behind the scenes - the farmers, small producers, makers. In Mexico there are women that are called "cocineras tradicionales" which are the most amazing cooks and they cook incredibly delicious traditional and regional Mexican cuisine. They are my biggest heroes.

Q: Favorite Sunday night dinner?
Depends on the season but right now, craving hearty things like a good Bolognese and pasta.

Q: Favorite food travel destination?
I am dying to go to Southeast Asia, Lebanon and India and food is one of the main reasons, but for places that I know, going back to Mexico to me is the best! The food continues to surprise me even if I grew up with it.

Q: What seasonal fruit or vegetable do you count down the days for?
I always long for guanábana, mangoes and guayaba when I'm in Mexico but in NY I love the stone fruit!

Q: What's a “foodie” related book, podcast, or movie you love?
I love the Tasting Table podcast and Babette's Feast (the movie).

Q: Which restaurant are you missing the most during this pandemic?
I just miss going to any restaurant with a big group of friends, maskless and without worry.

Q: What kitchen smell is most nostalgic for you?
Charred garlic with the skin on.

Q: If there was only one doughnut left on the shelf for you, what flavor would you like it to be?
Warm Mexican cinnamon-sugar.