Spicy Mushroom Tacos with Green Tahini Sauce

Spicy Mushroom Tacos with Green Tahini Sauce

This is a fun Summer recipe, fusing flavors from around the world to create a delicious vegan dish with your homegrown mushrooms!

1 lb Smallhold Blue Oysters
2 tbs Burlap & Barrel's Black Urfa Chili
4-5 tbs olive oil
1 jalapeño
Bunch of cilantro
1/4 c lime juice
1/2 c Seed + Mill Organic Tahini (and 1-2 extra tbs tahini optional)
1/2 c water (and 2-3 extra tbs water optional)
1 garlic clove
Salt and pepper

1. For the mushrooms: preheat grill until hot.
2. Toss 1 lb freshly harvested blue oysters in a bowl with 2 tbs black urfa chili, pinch of salt and 4-5 tbs olive oil, until well coated.
3. Grill mushrooms for 5-6 minutes until slightly crispy on the edges (turn half way).
4. For the Tahini Sauce: place 1 jalapeño on the grill until slightly charred (2-3 mins), remove seeds and set aside.
5. Blanch a bunch of cilantro (stems and leaves) in hot water until wilted, discard hot water.
6. Place jalapeño, 1/4 c lime juice, ½ c tahini, ½ c water, blanched cilantro, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 garlic clove, salt & pepper (to taste) in a food processor and blend until smooth.
7. Add 2-3 tbs more water if too thick, or 1-2 tbs more tahini if too thin, and keep blending until you are happy with the consistency.
8. Sauce can be made a day ahead and kept refrigerated. It's also great as a dip or salad dressing.
9. To assemble: smear tahini sauce over a soft tortilla, add the spicy mushrooms and devour warm! 

Serves 4.

Check out this video with our co-founder and CEO Rachel harvesting the mushrooms! 

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