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Organic Tahini Trio


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  • Tahini is a versatile, nutritious ingredient for cooking and baking, spreading and drizzling, or eating by the spoonful. Our Organic Tahini is made from premium, Ethiopian sesame seeds and comes in a large 16oz jar. 

    Our new Organic Za'atar Tahini (16oz) is a delicious blend of tahini and za'atar spice, an earthy, flavorful spice blend, used all across the Middle East and Mediterranean. Za'atar combines dried herbs and seeds, including sesame, oregano, thyme, cumin, coriander, salt and sumac. It’s the sumac that we personally love the most, giving za’atar a slightly tangy and lemony flavor.

    You can either order three or six jars at a time, or opt for a mixed bundle including one jar of our new Organic Za'atar Tahini and two jars of the Organic Tahini! 

    Our tahini is an all natural product that's high in calcium, iron and protein. It fits perfectly in a vegan, gluten free or paleo lifestyle. But above all, it's delicious! 

    Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use tahini in your kitchen. 

  • Organic Tahini: Hulled and roasted Ethiopian sesame seeds
    Organic Za'atar Tahini: Hulled and roasted Ethiopian sesame seeds, za'atar (our za’atar tahini spice blend includes a mix of oregano, thyme and toasted spices including cumin and coriander, salt and sumac)

    The tahini is certified kosher by OU. Please email us if you would like to see the certificate.

  • Tahini is as versatile as it is delicious. Use it as an ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes, drizzle it over toast or roasted vegetables, or swirl it into oatmeal or a smoothie. The possibilities are endless! 

    Unopened, tahini lasts for up to 18 months when stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, your tahini will last for 12 months. We recommend storing your tahini in the fridge to slow the natural separation of oil, which may start to occur after a few months.

    If you notice that your tahini has a layer of oil at the top, that doesn’t mean it’s gone bad! All you need to do is give your jar a good stir before using it.

    Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use tahini in your kitchen.

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