Halva Cake: Party Size (6.6lb / 3kg)


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  • Halva for everyone! Celebrate your birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or holiday meal with a Seed + Mill halva party cake. Serves 40-45 people, depending on serving size. 

    SHIPPING: We are currently shipping the cakes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Note that orders placed Wednesday-Sunday will not ship until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. We recommend ordering the cakes at least 2 weeks prior to your event to ensure on time delivery. Please reach out to info@seedandmill.com if you have any questions.

    The toppings in the images are decorative, they are not included with the cakes. Please reach out to info@seedandmill.com if you have any questions about where to source toppings and decorations. Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use halva in your kitchen.

  • Each of our halva flavors contains the following main ingredients: sesame paste, sugar, glucose, saponaria extract. Contains sesame.

    To see the additional, flavor specific ingredients, please check out the flavor you are interested in on our Halva Boxes pages.

    The halva is certified kosher by the Rabbinate of Ashdod. Please email us if you would like to see the certificate.

  • Halva lasts for 4-6 months when stored in a cool, dry place, but we hope you eat it all before then! You can leave it wrapped in the container it comes in or transfer to an airtight container. We don't recommend freezing halva, as it may damage its unique flaky texture.

    Halva cakes are shipped upside down in a protective container - you'll flip the cake onto a cake stand or cutting board when you're ready to serve. As it's a natural product, you might see a bit of sesame oil in the container, which is easily absorbed with paper towel before eating. If you’re purchasing a whole cake, we recommend adding toppings for some extra pizzazz. Each halva cake weighs 6.6 lbs (3kg) and serves approx. 40-45 people (depending on serving size). The cake is 5" high with a diameter of 8.5".

    Check out our recipe page for creative ways to use halva in your kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
No better treat in the World

I love Seed + Mill's halva!
The Sweet Pecan is delicious, not too sweet with crunchy, yummy pecans, it's perfect! I order halva for myself, for my birthday; this year I ordered the whole cake, and it could feel more special. Topped with pecans it made a beautiful and unique presentation. Seed + Mill's service, response, and shipping has always been great too. Thank you for a consistently wonderful and delicious product.

Beautiful Halva Cake

I ordered the dark chocolate and sea salt halva cake as a gift for a friend hosting a special lunch. It was divine! The cake is impressive in presentation and the flavors were absolutely delightful. Everyone enjoyed it very much, going for seconds despite many other delightful desserts on the table. The Seed & Mill team was also extremely helpful and friendly, in getting the cake delivered in a timely manner to my friend's home. The elevated quality of the ingredients shines through and we look forward to more halva very soon!

So far SO Delicious!

Ordered two cakes Marble and Pistachio. We gave out pieces of the marble
to the moms we know. Everyone loves it!


Great company. Great food. Great service. I live on the other side of the country and had my order shipped. It arrived on time, exceeded expectations, and I am very pleased.

Nancy Riseman
Absolutely Beyond!!

I ordered the pistachio halva cake for a speaker event in my home for about 75 people. Wow Wow Wow what a fantastic speciality dessert to offer guests! Not only is it beautiful to look at (after dressing it with crushed pistachios like Seed and Mill show in their photos) but, so delicious. I had many many comments that the quality was superb, as I can attest too!!
I plan to make this halva cake a tradition to serve for holidays and special events in my home.
Thank you Seed and Mill for your outstanding Customer Service and excellent product.