Halva Sundae
July 26, 2022

Halva Sundae

Inspired by the best-selling Oat Milk Tahini Sundae we serve at our Chelsea Market store, this low-lift summer dessert is perfect for days when it's too hot to bake! All it requires is a container of halva and a pint or two of your favorite ice cream (we love Blue Marble); bonus points if you add a drizzle of tahini at the end! Need sweet inspiration for your next dinner party? Set up a halva sundae bar and let your guests get creative with their flavor combinations! A few of our favorites include:

Caramel Ice Cream + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Halva

Coffee Ice Cream + Cardamom Halva 

Cookies'n'Cream Ice Cream + Toasted Sesame Halva

Strawberry Ice Cream + Pistachio Halva 

Chocolate Ice Cream + Toasted Coconut Chocolate Halva 

Scoop, crumble & enjoy!